Program Summary
– Class Of 2018 –

– Class Of 2018 –

This section shows a small selection of impressions on Qimam shared by our Executive Partners and the Qimam Fellowship Class of 2018. For more impressions, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Alumni Profiles
– Class Of 2018 –


Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University


Abdullah is studying electrical engineering at Prince Sattam University. A participant in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity in 2014 and a finalist in 2015, Abdullah was also a member of the Mawhiba program for gifted students for three years.

He interned with Sail Alriyada-SIEFCO, where he learned about the industrial production process. An avid researcher, he has worked on projects related to the use of piezoelectric discs to harness energy and the effects of Zamzam water.

In high school, Abdullah was an active member of the Fajr Association. Abdullah taught himself English and computer programming at a young age. He worked on introducing the Arabic language into a popular video game, which led to his interest in linguistic barriers and translation. As a participant in the Siemens Weekend Challenge hosted at King Saud University, Abdullah and his team were recognized for their proposal about the “University of Future.”


King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals


Abdulrahman is a senior at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, where he is majoring in electrical engineering. In his junior year, he spent one semester at Georgia Tech as an exchange student; this experience allowed him to grow and discover himself while gaining a greater understanding of a different culture. While studying abroad, he joined Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to improve housing in underprivileged communities in Atlanta. He continues his involvement today.

Abdulrahman has always had an interest in mathematics. In high school, he participated in various math contests and won several awards, including the Silver Medal at the National Mathematics Olympiad in 2013. Passionate about math and his community, he teaches math to middle school students as a volunteer for Najahat, a student-led initiative that he launched to provide free, high-quality tutoring services to disadvantaged students in Dhahran.


University of Maryland


Abdulrahman Jilani is completing a master’s degree in sustainable energy engineering at the University of Maryland. He holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he graduated with distinction.

Passionate about sustainable energy, Abdulrahman supported GRiD Alternatives, a non-profit based in Washington, DC, by installing Solar PV systems in low-income communities. Professionally, Abdulrahman has worked as a 3D printing specialist at Terrapin Works, as well as an industrial packaging design engineer at The Dennis Group in the US, where he designed high-speed bottling lines for Starbucks, Monster, and 7-Eleven. Fluent in Spanish, he completed an internship at a cheese factory managed by Fundación Paraguaya in Paraguay, where he helped the factory improve energy consumption and streamline its production line. A PADI Divemaster and Technical Diver, he recently worked at a dive school in Mexico, where he trained others in the sport. Abdulrahman will be interning with MiSK this upcoming summer at The University of Tokyo Solar Global Center. In September of 2018, he will be starting his MBA program at MBSC in King Abdullah Economic City.


Taif University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Ahmad is a fifth-year student studying medicine and surgery at Taif University. He is active in both research and cooperative learning at the university, where he helps tutor students.

As the leader of a research group, he won third place at the Seventh Conference for Students of Higher Education in the Kingdom. Before entering college, Ahmad graduated high school at the top of his class and was a member of different Mawhiba programs for gifted students as well as the Saudi Aramco Summer Enrichment Program for high-performing students. He placed first in Taif for both the Chemistry and Mathematics Olympiads. He cites ranking first among all students in the College of Medicine and Surgery at the end of his second year as his greatest accomplishment.

Ahmad has volunteered as a healthcare provider and advocate for several national campaigns to educate others about their health and well-being.


Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Ahmad Alonazi is a junior at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, where he is pursuing a degree in medicine and health sciences. He believes that medicine is a vocation that requires a commitment to service and lifelong learning. To that end, Ahmad has organized various medical conferences – including, the Second Regional Diabetes Conferences in 2018 and the International Conference of Family and Community Medicine Health Care in 2017 – and attended countless others.

As president of the student council, Ahmad worked to advance research and establish new partnerships within the university hospital. He encouraged student involvement in intercollegiate competitions and represented his university on multiple occasions. He also helped organize a blood drive at the Security Forces Hospital and a “No Sugar” campaign to raise awareness about diabetes.


Taibah University

Computer Science/ Technology

Aisha is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Taibah University. Her interest in robotics has led participation in programs such as Fischer Tech and the Valeo Innovation Challenge. She has also competed in the IEEE GCC Robotics Championship, Sumo Robot Competition, and the Arab Annual Robotics Championship, where she was awarded third place. Aisha also enjoys programming and participated in the FekraTech System Design Competition, the NASA International Space Apps Challenge hackathon, and the HackerRank Programming Jam.

Aisha is a member of the Renewable Energy Club and president of the Innovation Club. She also works at Kids Scientists, where she mentors children and teaches them about different areas of science – including astronomy, chemistry, and flight engineering. She was awarded first place in the Ghars Voluntary project for her efforts to help visually-impaired children navigate public spaces. In her free time, Aisha practices Taekwondo.


Prince Sultan University

Business/ Management

Aljohara is a sophomore at Prince Sultan University, where she is studying business administration with a concentration in accounting.

Deeply committed to social activism and humanitarian work, Aljohara is a brand strategist at Tasamy, a non-profit organization advocating for youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship in the Kingdom. She served as an ambassador for the Mohammedian Women Program. Always on the lookout for innovative ways to serve society, Aljohrah has volunteered countless hours organizing exhibitions, workshops, and charity events for various organizations.

In 2015, Aljohara was the youngest speaker at the Wharton Innovation Summit in Washington, DC. She earned the Competent Leader and the Competent Communicator awards from Toastmasters International at the age of 16. An entrepreneur, Aljohara co-founded Reserved, a luxury gifting company. She served as the Head of Development and Global Initiatives at MedNav Global in the USA.

In her free time, Aljohara enjoys photography, graphic design, and creative writing. She also loves traveling to new places; a seasoned globetrotter, she has explored over 40 cities around the world.


King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals


Born in Sudan, Almunzir attended British Educational Schools (B.E.S) in Khartoum before moving with his family to the Netherlands at the age of eight. For the first time, he was exposed to a different language, culture, and way of life. After one year in Amsterdam, he returned home to Sudan, until he moved to Dammam four years later.

Almunzir is currently studying mechanical engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM); he was one of the few non-Saudis accepted into the program. As a course assistant at the university, he evaluates thermodynamics coursework. He is a member of the Mechanical Engineering Club at KFUPM and serves as president of the Project Committee. In addition, Almunzir volunteers at the Eastern Province Volunteering Center, where he helps organize various community events. He also tutors students in mechanical engineering at Faheem. Deeply interested in thermal science, he is working to become a Combustion Engineer.


King Abdulaziz University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Dalya is a medical intern at King Abdulaziz University (KAU). A Mawhiba participant and frequent competitor in scholastic competitions, she has won: first place in the Innovators in Digital Excellence at KAU, the Gold Medal in the National Olympiad for Scientific Research, and the Best Innovative Project award at the FIRST LEGO League competition in Atlanta, USA. She is most proud to be the first female student from Jeddah awarded the Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Distinguished Student Award.

Dalya is a founding partner of a startup, called Road of Change, and has co-authored a book by the same name that discusses her experience training over 2,000 health sciences students across the Kingdom. She also presided over The Bridge Project at the KAU College of Medicine, which helps first-year students. Dalya has spoken at the Saudi Society of Neurology Conference, organized the annual University Research Summer School Convention, and written eight research articles, two of which have been published.


University of Bisha

Business/ Management

Deema is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business and management at the University of Bisha; she is set to graduate in the fall of 2020. From astrology to robotics, her interests have always spanned a range of topics.

Deema is the recipient of a number of awards, including: second place in a 2015 robotics and artificial intelligence program for gifted students at the International Islamic University in Malaysia, a gold medal at the National Robotics Olympiad in November 2016, a gold medal at the International Warsaw Invention Show, a bronze medal at the International Technology Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in 2017, an award from State Office of Industrial Property of the Republic of Macedonia, the Thailand Award for the Best International Invention, the Ministry of Education Excellence Award in 2017, and the Ambassador of Quality Award by Ministry of Education in 2017. Deema has also contributed to multiple research papers on stem cells and chemotherapy.

In her free time, Deema volunteers by visiting the elderly and giving fluoride treatments to children. She is a member of the International Astronomy Center.



King Saud University


Fahad is pursuing a master’s degree in sustainable regional development at his alma mater King Saud University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in urban design and planning. He is applying his knowledge to the environment by participating in the United Nations Future of KSA Cities Program and the Princess Adelah bint Abdullah Heritage Saudi Preservation Society.

Fahad has previously interned at the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, where he identified conservation techniques for the preservation of historic sites. He is most proud to have led a joint tree planting campaign in Riyadh with the Arriyadh Development Authority, which inspired and faciliated access for him to discuss revegetation strategy with leading government officials and companies. A former leader of a Riyadh youth program, Fahad is a recipient of the Public Scouts Service Program Medal.


Tabuk University

Business/ Management

Farah Alshammari is a sophomore studying finance and investment at Tabuk University. She is the recipient of the 2017 Exemplary Student Award bestowed by His Highness Prince Fahad Bin Sultan and won second place at the UCMAS Mental Arithmetic International Competition in Malaysia.

In the summer of 2016, Farah took part in the Misk Foundation Leadership Development program in Boston. Run by Harvard University, the program allowed her to develop her personal skills and engage in positive interactions with other students from all over the world. Earlier this year, Farah attended Saudi Aramco’s Women Development Program, which consisted of panel discussions, seminars, and workshops on female empowerment. She is excited and ready to extend those experiences through the training, development, and networking opportunities offered by the Qimam Fellowship.

She has volunteered at the TEDxUniversityofTabuk and the Mubaderoon initiative hosted by Tabuk’s Society for Culture and Arts.


Prince Sultan University

Business/ Management

Farooq is studying finance at Prince Sultan University (PSU). He is a member of Model United Nations, and, as an organizer of the Saudi University Debate Contest, he is particularly proud that his team was awarded first place (out of ten universities) for their work on Vision 2030 issues.

Farooq was recently elected Sergeant-at-Arms for his university’s Toastmasters International club, serves as vice president of the PSU Student Magazine, and has held an internship with the PSU Research, Translation & Initiatives Center. Off campus, he volunteers as an assistant brand manager as well as helps organize and manage major events in Riyadh.

Farooq is an avid reader, is certified in First Aid and CPR, and holds a second-degree brown belt in Shōtōkan Karate. He became a Twitch Affiliate during his freshman year and helped raise money for a game-industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children. Starting in September 2018, Farooq will be enrolled as an exchange student at the University of Florida, where he was awarded a full scholarship for the Fall semester.


King Faisal University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Fatimah Al-Edili is a freshman at King Faisal University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine and health sciences.

After a fire safety drill caused panic in her school in 2014, Fatimah invented a fire alarm system for the hearing impaired. She was awarded the Sheikh Hassan Al-Afaleq’s Young Inventor’s Award and two bronze medals at the National Olympiad for Science Innovation for her invention.

Fatimah feels strongly about the importance of coaching and sharing one’s knowledge with others. To that end, she has actively participated in multiple awareness campaigns for diabetes and chronic childhood diseases. She has also launched an online medical channel at her university to disseminate healthcare information to the public. She is looking forward to the coaching experiences offered through the Qimam Fellowship.


University of Dammam

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Fatima Alsafer is a freshman at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, formerly known as the University of Dammam. She is majoring in medicine and health sciences with a concentration in dentistry.

Working alongside Wud Charity Foundation, Fatima trained low-income families in Khobar on how to improve local products and crafts and enter the business world to earn an income. At the King Fahd University Hospital, she helped set up an entertainment center and library for child patients. She also helped with environmental education efforts.

Fatima previously participated in the FIRST LEGO League competition and takes pride in being a finalist at the National Olympiad for Science Creativity in 2012 and winning first place in Mawhiba Dammam in 2013. In addition, she received first place in the General Administration Award for Outstanding Educational Performance in the eastern region in 2013 and first place in a spelling competition later that year. In 2016, Fatima was recognized for her academic excellence at a regional level in the Eastern Province, and was recently awarded the Outstanding Declamation Star in Samaa Wad Award for Volunteerism.


Alfaisal University


Habib is a scholarship and Dean’s List student studying electrical engineering at Alfaisal University. He is also interested in design and takes additional courses to nurture that skill.

An active participant in academic competitions, Habib has won the VEX Robotics National Championship for two consecutive years and represented Saudi Arabia in the World Championship in the United States. He was a core member of the Formula Student Team that represented Saudi Arabia in the Formula student engineering competition in the UK. As the team leader of the Alfaisal Boeing Solar Car project, he spearheaded efforts to develop, design, and implement different aspects of the university project. His research on the different electrical modules of the car won second place two years in a row in the Annual Poster Competition.

A member of the Riyadh Schools Voluntary Club, Habib participates in a number of volunteer efforts, including supporting visually-impaired students during graduation ceremonies.


King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Hassan Khdary is pursuing a degree in medicine at the King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.
Passionate about innovation, Hassan regularly participates in international science contests. He is the recipient of a number of awards – including, third place in biochemistry at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair, first place at Intel’s Science Competition Arab World, and third place in the National Olympiad for Science Innovation. Additionally, he holds a patent for developing nanoparticles to eliminate malaria disease.

Hassan is keen to share his love for research and innovation with the next generation. He assisted a number of students in conducting research and coached them to participate in science fairs. As a member of the science committee of the Health Professions Conference, he reviews research submissions and helps set the conference agenda.


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Kamel is a student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) majoring in psychobiology, minoring in cognitive science, and specializing in computing.

Kamel interned with the UCLA Sports Medicine Internship Program and worked as a behavioral researcher at the UCLA Behavioral Testing Core and as a researcher at the UCLA Fanselow Lab, where he conducted pharmacological manipulations and modifications to analyze brain structure interactions and neural changes in fear-based learning.

Deeply committed to the global community, Kamel has volunteered with: FISH to promote health education in underserved communities in Mexico, MEDLIFE to deliver healthcare in Peru, Cedars for Care to distribute food to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and Help Center to support children with intellectual disabilities in Jeddah.

A decorated swimmer, he is a seven-time medalist in the National Swimming Championships in Saudi Arabia. Kamel is fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.


King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Khalid Alkenaa is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine at the King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University. He was honored by his university as an active contributor to student life and with the Best Delegate Award for his participation in the U.S. Embassy’s Model United Nations program in Riyadh.

A strong believer in strength through diversity, Khalid enjoys exploring new cultures and bringing people together. At the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), Khalid received training in leadership, conflict resolution, and civic engagement from Montana State University. Earlier this year, he was selected to participate in the Connecting Cultures Program in Oman and in the Crossroads Program from Harvard in Dubai, where he engaged in face-to-face dialogue with other young leaders. Together, they identified shared values, explored cultural differences, and discussed future challenges.

When he recognized the dearth of high-quality Arabic content online, Khalid launched the Mohtwize online platform to publish Arabic podcasts, infographics, and articles on topics ranging from physics to philosophy.


Jazan University

Business/ Management

Khalid hails from the southern region of the Kingdom. He is currently studying accounting at Jazan University (JU). At the end of his first year, he was ranked number one in his cohort and received a scholarship for his academic achievements. Active on campus, Khalid is involved in multiple student clubs and has volunteered at Al Madar Newspaper. He has also participated in trainings focused on leadership and risk management.

To complement his academic work, Khalid has pursued on-the-ground experience by interning at Saudi Aramco and working in his family-owned supermarket business. To make a difference in his community, he and a group of friends led an effort to enhance the local streets in six different villages by painting the sidewalks and delineating existing car lanes.


King Saud University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Lamees Altamim is studying medicine at King Saud University. An avid researcher in the field, she is the author or co-author of over ten papers on topics ranging from intracerebral hemorrhage to evaluation of complex genetic diseases. Her interest in medical and engineering innovations has won her awards, most recently third place in the Innovation Division at the 9th Scientific Symposium held in KSU. She was part of two research teams that eventually filed for patents at the United States Patent Trademark Office.

Lamees led the development of KSU’s official College of Medicine app and the first official collaboration between KSU’s Innovation Center at the College of Computer Sciences and the Research Center at the College of Medicine. She served as the President of the Ehyaa Students Partnership Program for organ donations and head of the Dermatology Student Club at KSU.

Lamees has also earned second place at both the Prophetic Hadith and Quran memorization competitions. She also won the National Academic Excellence Award for seven consecutive years and the Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Award for Distinguished Academic Performance.


Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College

Business/ Management

Lamia Alotaibi is pursuing a master’s degree in business entrepreneurship at the Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Dar Al-Hekma University, where she graduated at the top of her class in 2016.

During her undergraduate years, Lamia was selected to represent her university in the prestigious Willem Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna for three consecutive years. The team ranked first in the regional qualifiers on each of the three occasions. In her senior year, Lamia jumped at the chance to share her expertise and volunteer by coaching the new university delegation.

In 2017, she established Legalshop with a mission to make legal services affordable and accessible to all. Lamia aspires to grow her startup and revolutionize the Saudi legal system.


Al-Yamamah University

Business/ Management

Malak Alajmi is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Al Yamamah University. She is the recipient of a number of awards and distinctions – including first place at the Annual Entrepreneurship-Employment Debate Competition hosted at Dar Al Uloom University in 2016, one of the best 20 Students at the Math Olympiad Competition in Saudi Arabia – and a two-time winner of the Al-Kharj First Student Award given by the Ministry of Education.

Malak founded her own start-up, Amanah Alghad, and launched an app to simplify student, parent, and teacher interactions during the school year. She also completed an internship in Aramco’s Financial Accounting Department in 2017.

Malak is excited to continue her studies in accounting and finance; she recently competed in the Research Challenge at the CFA institute in Saudi Arabia and is currently preparing for her chartered accountancy exam.


King Abdulaziz University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Maram Misha is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery at King Abdulaziz University (KAU). She is the recipient of the Ministry of Education’s Excellence Award for remarkable academic achievement and a participant in the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic performance.

Maram currently sits on the science committee of her student cohort at KAU. In addition to actively contributing to breast cancer research at her university, she has participated in multiple awareness campaigns on antibiotics, autism, and congenital heart disease.

Maram interned as a nurse at the Dr. Bakhsh Hospital in Jeddah and as an English teacher in the Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing. An accredited trainer in emotional intelligence skills, she has a diploma in the Art of Speeches, Presentation and Influence from the Canadian Training Center of Human Development. She cares deeply about wildlife conservation and promotes the protection of orphaned and endangered animals in Africa through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Computer Science/ Technology

King Abdulaziz University

Mohammad Qara is studying Information Technology at King Abdulaziz University. In 2016, he received the King Abdulaziz University Badge of Excellence Keen to build his leadership skills, he has participated in multiple workshops, including the “Yes, I Can” program in Malaysia and Wiley’s Leadership Challenge and Leadership Development program in Turkey.

Passionate about the education of youth, Mohammad is a founding member of Ajyaal Jeddah, a student-led organization that instills a love of volunteerism in youth. He has participated in over 25 community service initiatives with Ajyaal Jeddah over the years and currently serves as the group’s IT director.

During his internship at the Pioneers of Leadership Training Center in the summer of 2016, Mohammad built and maintained the organization’s website and online educational platform and supervised trainings given by the group. A freelancer in web development and graphic design, he maintains two YouTube channels, where he regularly uploads educational content and which have garnered 1.1 million views.


King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals


Mohammed Aldossary is a chemical engineering student at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). He has traveled around the world to study, conduct research, and volunteer. In addition to participating in a study-abroad program at the Colorado School of Mines, he traveled to Canada to conduct experiments on biomass off-gassing at the University of British Columbia. Currently, Mohammed is researching the by-product wastes from thermal power plants at KFUPM.

As a volunteer with International Volunteer HQ, Mohammed worked at an orphanage in Mexico. In addition to teaching English and mathematics, he coordinated activities to build fellowship among the young residents. Locally, he serves as a volunteer within the university and his community.

Committed to self-improvement, Mohammed has attended several trainings in business acumen. He is particularly proud of overcoming a severe stuttering problem that initially hindered him from partaking in many activities.


King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals


Mohammed Al-Howsa is a senior at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s in engineering. In addition to being a Certified Ethical Hacker, Mohammad is a first prize winner of both General Electric’s Predix Hackathon and NASA’s Hackathon in KSA.

Mohammed’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the startups he has launched. Virtual Immersion, which he founded in 2014, uses the technology behind augmented reality to create technical training simulations for oil and gas workers. Additionally, Mohammed has established an entertainment startup and a media and production venture.

An active member of the Saudi scouting movement, Mohammed has volunteered as a supervisor of summer training camps in Khobar.


King Faisal University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Mohammed Aljughayman is pursuing a bachelor’s in medicine and health sciences at King Faisal University. He serves on the Medical Students Council and the East Province Youth Council.

The recipient of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Award for Distinguished Academic Performance, Mohammed has earned other awards, including: second place in Zain’s national essay contest on education, third place in Korea’s World Creativity Festival hosted by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejon, and Reader of the Year in 2013 in a Saudi Aramco competition.

Mohammed is passionate about increasing the availability of knowledge in the Arabic language. For two years, he has worked at Mentors KSA translating educational content into Arabic. The author of a book about the world’s most recent technological advances in Arabic, he has also published several articles.


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


Mohammed Almugren is pursuing a master’s in electrical engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. His research interests are in machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision. He holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering, with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation, from Pennsylvania State University. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Mohammed received first place at the Cornell Entrepreneurship Program at KAUST and second place at KAUST Super Steam Challenge, where he created an “Edutainment” app for students.

During high school, Mohammed participated in numerous robotics competitions at the Riyadh Robotics Club, where he ranked among the top finalists for his inventions nationwide. He was awarded the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Gifted Students Program (KGSP) scholarship to cover his undergraduate and graduate studies.

Mohammed completed an internship at Alcoa, where he oversaw the maintenance of electronic systems, and had a university research assistantship position, which focused on building an autonomous drone with aperture radar. Immediately after the Qimam program, Mohammed will begin an internship at Siemens in Germany.


King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Mona Alshehri is completing her bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.

She has participated in several summer academic programs, including an Advanced Placement program in biology at John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth and the Mawhiba Summer Enrichment Program. At Mawhiba, Mona was nominated for an international research program at KAUST. She continues to hold leadership roles at Mawhiba and Oxmedica, affiliates of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, as a teaching assistant and a residential advisor for summer programs.

Outside of school, Mona organizes leading research conferences at both the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center and the King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences — including the Health Professions Conference and the Stem Cell Conference. Mona aspires to become a physician researcher and
pursue an interdisciplinary career in business to expand the reach of medicine.


Dar Al-Hekma College


Nouf currently studies law on a merit-based scholarship at Dar Al-Hekma University. In addition to multiple scholarships, she has earned a number of awards – including, second place at the FIRST LEGO League competition, and the Silver Medal for her Smart Lock invention at the Student Competition in the Ebtikar Exposition. Nouf was honored for her paper, “Educating with Wisdom, not with Power,” which she presented at the fourth Forum of the Department of Foreign and National Education.

Outside of school, Nouf represented Ghana in the Social and Economic Commission at the Model United Nations conference in Jeddah. She has also held different roles in sales, recruitment, and event management. She is excited to extend those employment experiences through the leadership training and site visits facilitated by the Qimam Fellowship.


Al-Jouf University


After completing his bachelor’s degree in Islamic Sharia at Al-Jouf University (AJU), Raed returned to pursue a master’s degree in principles of jurisprudence.

The recipient of the Model Student award, he also earned second place in the Human Research stream at the Seventh Scientific Conference and first place in the Al Jouf University Quran Competition. Raed has represented the university as a delegate at several international events – including the 13th Scientific Trip for Saudi university students to Japan, and the 4th Gulf University Forum in Bahrain.

Raed has founded and is active in different clubs, including the Noor Club on campus, as well as a reading club off campus under the broader Al-Jouf Youth Council. He served as president of the Student Advisory Council at AJU for three years and was a speaker at the International Riyadh Book Fair. Raed has volunteered to serve the Hajj Pilgrims for four consecutive years and was selected to meet with the Governor of Makkah in recognition of his efforts.


University of Jeddah

Preparatory Year

Raghad Al Harbi will be starting her Preparatory Year at University of Jeddah, as she recently transferred from King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, where she was studying medicine and where she has completed research on photovoltaic cells efficiency. She was awarded a scholarship from KAUST to research scientifically-engineered fire evacuation routes. Her passion for scientific research was ignited when she participated in the National Olympiad for Scientific Research and Creativity. An active member of her university, Raghad was selected to lead the Public Relations Committee of the 2nd Annual Olympiad.

Raghad is equally active in the community. At Al-Nabta for Children, she organized the World Children’s Day initiatives. At Arshidni, she planned and led the “Be Native” campaign, which aimed to improve students’ proficiency with the English language. Raghad also participated in the Ministry of Health’s efforts to raise awareness about mental health. Her love of community service culminated in her founding of Ishraqat Amal, a group dedicated to promoting community service opportunities for young women. She also delivers motivational speeches, including one at TEDxRiyadh in 2017.


University College London


After a year at Alfaisal University, Raghad transferred to University College London (UCL), where she is completing her mechanical engineering studies on a merit-based scholarship and pursuing a second major in business finance. In high school, she was a Mawhiba student.

Raghad has held internships with the Saudi Research Science Institute at KAUST to research the molecular basis of plant stress and at the Harvard Kennedy School on an Evidence for Policy Design project to research ways to reduce unemployment. She served on the UCL Mechanical Engineering Society and participated in the Reach Cambridge Physics program at Cambridge University.

Her commitment to society is evident in her involvement in an event that led 200 small business owners into market and her role in a blood drive for a local hospital. In addition, she has given a TEDx talk about independent decision-making and resisting outside influence. Raghad enjoys taking mixed martial arts classes in her free time.


King Abdulaziz University


Raghad Nhari is a senior at King Abdulaziz University, where she is studying law, and recently received the university’s highest honor – the University Star Award. She currently serves on the Student Advisory Council at KAU, relaying the issues and concerns of the student body to the university’s administration.

Raghad represented her university and the Kingdom at the World Youth Forum in Egypt. She engaged with top policymakers, influential figures, and other young leaders determined to be agents of change in their communities. Raghad was also selected to participate on behalf of KAU and the Kingdom in the second Cultural and Scientific Forum in Kuwait. She also participated in the Times Higher Education MENA Education Summit.

Passionate about the power of thoughtful debate, Raghad founded the Debate Club at KAU in the hopes of increasing its popularity among her fellow students. She also prepared and delivered debate workshops at Hakaya Misk.


Dar Al-Hekma College

Business/ Management

Rawan Aljuhani is pursuing a bachelor’s in business and management, with a focus on marketing, at Dar Al-Hekma University.

An avid public speaker and advocate for youth, Rawan volunteered at a radio station in Jeddah, where she wrote and spoke about topics related to youth rights. At the age of 12, she became the youngest Buzan Licensed Instructor in the world and was invited to conduct workshops on “Mind Mapping” to children and youth at several organizations in Jeddah. Recently, she was awarded first place at the Youth Leadership Community’s social initiative contest, for designing a product called a “Grow Map Kit”.

Rawan’s proudest achievement is being the youngest speaker at the National Dialogue. At the age of 15, she spoke on freedom of the media and the impact of media on children to a crowd of thousands. Because of this experience, she was later nominated to deliver a speech on behalf of her generation to King Abdullah on the topic of children’s involvement in the Kingdom.


King Faisal University


Reem Alzammami is studying early childhood development at King Faisal University (KFU).

A strong believer in volunteerism, she has completed more than 1,500 volunteer hours over nine years with various programs and organizations. She obtained the International License of Volunteer Work and takes particular pride in her work orchestrating numerous relief campaigns to benefit low-income families.

At university, Reem founded and led the Clubs’ Carnival to showcase the achievements of student organizations at KFU; the event attracted over 14,500 visitors in its first year and was covered in different media outlets. She also organizes debate competitions on campus to promote critical thinking and communication skills. Reem currently serves on her university’s student council and student budget committee and has been a leader of the Media Club, Tamkeen Club, and the Students’ Clubs in Students Affairs Faculty. She received the gold medal from Education Management as the Best Social Entrepreneur in Al-Ahsa. As first place winner in KFU’s Bariz Award for Student Exellence, she was awarded a 2017 Kia Optima, just one day before the royal decree allowing women to drive.


King Saud University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Sara Alqahtani is studying medicine and surgery at King Saud University. Dedicated to medical research, Sara has published her findings in international journals. At KSU, she is co-founder and former president of the Nanotechnology Club and has previously served as the deputy of the Students’ Rights committee of the College of Medicine Student Council. She is the current vice president of the Medical Student Council.

Sara received scholarships from the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity to complete her high school education. Her work on solar cells earned her a spot as a regional finalist at Google’s Science Fair and a scholarship from KACST to attend a training at the Stanford National Nanofabrication Users Facility in the U.S. In addition, Sara earned a bronze medal from the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and first place in the eighth Scientific Symposium at KSU last year.

Sara is the founder of two startups – SMOTION, a media and production venture, and Renewabler, an organization that promotes research in green technologies.


Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University

Business/ Management

A recipient of the Dublin City University scholarship, Sarah is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international finance at Princess Nora University. She has worked as an accountant conducting feasibility studies and reviewing financial statements.

Sarah has merged her interest in the STEM subjects with her desire to move her community forward. She won third place in the Super STEAM Innovation Challenge at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for creating a hologram device to help children with autism. She was honored by HH Princess Reema Al Saud for her report on sustainability, market research, and economic research for the General Sports Authority. Her recommendations have been implemented across the board at the government entity. In her free time, Sarah enjoys taking care of animals at the local shelter.


King Faisal University


Sarah Alsamin is a sophomore at King Faisal University majoring in biomedical engineering. Sarah is the recipient of the Mu Alpha Theta Award in mathematics and the ExxonMobil Award for Innovation for four different math formulas which she did extensive research. Following her fourth participation at the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity, Sarah was invited to the Mawhiba-Oxmedica London Scholars Program where she engaged with leading academics and professionals through a series of themed talks and workshops.

Sarah believes that the greatest joy lies in serving others. In 2014, she developed a smart walking stick to support blind and visually-impaired people. In 2016, Sarah and her team wrote a research proposal about transplanting stem cells to treat Alzheimer’s patients. During the spring of 2017, she served as a mentor to young girls who were participating in a local robotics competition.


University of Hail


Shaden is studying computer science at University of Hail (UH). She is the recipient of a number of awards – including the Two Holy Mosques Prize honoring inventors and the gifted, two gold medals in the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad in Romania (2016) and Switzerland (2017), a gold medal in the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad 2016 and three bronze medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand (2015), Hong Kong (2016), and Brazil (2017). She also earned a special prize from the American Mathematical Society presented at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her research on the enhancement of RSA security using mathematics. She received first place in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity for the same project.

Equally committed to the achievement of others, Shaden works as a mathematical olympiad trainer to level-two students who participated in the Mawhiba program and KAUST International Science Competitions training and development program. She also served as a member of the UH Student Advisory Council.


Majmaah University

Business/ Management

Shahad attends Majmaah University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management. In recognition of her academic achievements, she has received several awards – including the Ministry of Education Award of Distinction, the Prince Khalid Al-Sudairi Award for Scientific Excellence, and 2nd place in the University Rector’s Award for Quality and Distinction.

Shahad is an active force in her community. In addition to interning at the Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems Company, she has volunteered regionally with the Al Nahda Women Association in Riyadh, and locally with the Social Development Committee and the local book fair. She has also traveled to more than ten cities in the Kingdom to present workshops on 3D printing to children.

Shahad’s efforts in the community have been recognized with the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Award for Youth Leaders and the Maajmah University Award for Community Service. A participant in the “Patriotism is Giving” Competition, she was awarded first place across the Riyadh province.


King Saud University


Shahla is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics and finance at King Saud University.

In 2016, Shahla was awarded a scholarship from the Misk Foundation, which allowed her to take summer courses at Harvard University. At Harvard, she studied calculus and sustainable product design and innovation. She is also the recipient of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Award for Distinguished Academic Performance, a two-time gold medalist at the National Olympiad for Mathematics, first place finisher at the National Mental Mathematics Competition. In 2013, she finished third in the world at the competition in Hong Kong.

Shahla served as a student volunteer at the 2015 Saudi Science and Creativity Convention in Riyadh, where she assisted visitors in building robots and writing code. She attended the KAUST Startup Bootcamp training and is a freelance writer for Al-Watan Newspaper.


University of Bisha

Languages and Literature

Shayhana Alkhushail is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Bisha. She represented the university at The Second Meeting of Universities’ Students with the Minister of Education in 2017.

After completing a training program for teachers, Shayhana founded a social enterprise aimed at providing English tutoring lessons to young children. Her passion for teaching earned her third place nationally at the Tamayyaz Education Excellence Awards, an achievement she takes great pride in.

Despite her academic background in literature, Shayhana has a vested interest in robotics and science competitions. She led a team to victory at the FIRST LEGO National Robotics Olympiad and Bioloid National Robotics Olympiad and earned first place in Bisha in 2014 and 2015). An active volunteer with the Ayyan group in Bisha, Shayhana has been involved in multiple initiatives to help underprivileged families. She also serves on the Charity Committee for Orphans Care and volunteers with the organization’s Arab Orphan Day initiative.


Majmaah University

Languages and Literature

Shaykhah is a student at Majmaah University (MU), where she is pursuing a triple major in education, linguistics, and English. A participant in numerous programs and competitions for gifted students, she has earned several awards – including first place in the University Rector’s Award of Quality and Excellence, the Ibrahim Abdul Mohsen AlSultan Award for Excellence and Scientific Creativity, and third place in the small business competition of the Shawarmer Initiative for Entrepreneurship. In addition, Shaykhah was nominated to participate in the First National Forum for Talented Female Students in the Kingdom.

Passionate about community service, Shaykhah helped organize the first Scientific Research Forum for English Departments, volunteered to teach children about major scientific breakthroughs at the Okaz Scientific Market, and served as a member of the Student Advisory Council at MU. She has also delivered training workshops on English writing techniques. Beyond the classroom, she has participated in a variety of business, public speaking, and leadership trainings, and has founded her own startup, Bakies Cookies.


King Abdulaziz University


Sohaib Morya is a senior at King Abdulaziz University, where he is majoring in mechanical engineering.

Active on campus, he leads the media committee at the university’s Center of Talent and Creativity and presides over the liaison committee of the Mechanical Engineering Society, where he works on student engagement. Additionally, he served as media team leader for the organization’s 2016 Engineering Day. In recognition of his extracurricular and academic efforts, he was recently named Star of Engineering Faculty.

Sohaib is passionate about invention. The recipient of the bronze medal at the 2017 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, he has received a number of awards, including: an award from the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists for his invention at Geneva, the King Abdulaziz University Role Model medal, a gold medal in the “Ibtikari” competition, and special recognition from HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal the Governor of Makkah. He was also nominated by KAU president for the King Salman Prize for the Talented and the Inventors.


Alfaisal University


Soundouss is a Dean’s List, scholarship recipient studying architectural engineering at Alfaisal University. She received the Husameldin Al-Hariri Award for Academic Excellence. She has had several internships, including working as a field intern at the MIT & AlSudairy Cultural Center and as an architectural design intern at the Imar Urban Consultants firm.

Soundouss loves to share her knowledge with young minds. She has worked as an instructor at Engineering for Kids, a summer program designed to teach children about engineering, and at Saudi Coders, a workshop to teach children the basics of coding using Micro:bit.

Her love of art and commitment to her own creativity is reflected in her graphic design work for the Engineering Student Association and Social & Development Committee. Soundouss helped organize the Dar Al-Uloom Initiative Architectural Conference and led the organization of the Royal Institute of British Architects Poster Exhibition – her proudest accomplishment.


Northern Borders University


Suhayb is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Northern Borders University. In his freshman year, he was honored for ranking first in his cohort. A believer in the power of knowledge and networks, Suhayb founded the Engineering Student Association at his university and created an unofficial NBU Students Twitter account to help disseminate information to all students. He has translated educational videos from English to Arabic and posted them to YouTube. He has also written explanations of design and editing programs and published them online.

A volunteer with “The Designers Meeting” organization, Suhayb completed a technical skills training for engineering students led by the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY). He participated in the Schneider Electric Global Case Challenge “Go Green in the City 2018.” Particularly interested in public relations, Suhayb worked at Enab Media before launching a startup, Katateeb. He currently serves as its CEO. He is keen to use his learnings as a Qimam Fellow to publicize and advance social causes.


Alfaisal University

Biomedical and Life Sciences

As a scholarship student in biomedical sciences at Alfaisal University (AU), Sumeau has researched perovskite solar cells in the nanotechnology department at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. A member of the Science Student Association at AU, she also serves as an academic tutor in various science courses.

Sumeau is deeply committed to social justice causes. She has participated in King Saud’s Amaan Youth program to help children dealing with child abuse and volunteered with the Sawa’ed Atheeb organization to fundraise for the visually-impaired and the impoverished. Her startup, SAGA, hosts hair-donation drives to educate people about cancer and donate human hair wigs to cancer survivors. Her first campaign received 80 donations, but now surpasses 700 donations per event. In her free time, Sumeau enjoys writing, filmmaking, and playing tennis.


King Saud University

Medicinal and Health Sciences

Waleed is studying clinical laboratory science at King Saud University. He has conducted more than six scientific research projects at different international universities and institutes, including the Nanotechnology Center at King Abdulaziz University, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, and KACST. Waleed’s work includes researching cancer and genes and innovating new methods to optimize the medical and chemical properties of nanoparticles. His efforts have earned him various recognitions and awards – including the SABIC Prize for Chemistry and Research in Skin Cancer, second place in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Best Researcher for Ccientific Distinction at the Saudi Festival of Science and Innovation, and top student for scientific excellence across the Madinah region.

Waleed has volunteered for different causes, including promoting health, fitness, and well-being, and organizing and delivering workshops. Waleed worked at Oxford University with Mawhiba to deliver training to students during their time in the Oxmedica program. A member of the Saudi Association of Public Health, he has attended over 150 hours of leadership trainings from Wiley, King Salman Institute for Business Leadership, and Benaa Group.

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